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ABOUT US started as an order requested by a corporate company for their incentive travel event. They requested flip flops and slides for over 1000 employees attending. Each employee received their flip flops / slides in their rooms as a pillow gift. The colors of their styles represented their company colors. The placement of those logos were on the straps, soles and as a die cut bottom; that leaves their logo and text imprint in the sand.


The best part of the manufacturing process these days is that they are made in the USA. The components are shipped into our factory and they are all assembled and decorated in the USA!


Since their incentive took place, we decided to explore other companies, schools, small business, associations, fundraising, retail, groups, teams, special events, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and any other type of event that warrants a gift or wearing flip flops and / or slides.


We now manufacture many styles to the arenas above and also manufacture various other styles for people and companies that have their own sandal designs and logos for their private label lines of clothing, boat manufacturing, hotels on the beach, beach events, cruise ship stores as well as; company gift stores, incentive gifts, additions to branded clothing lines and ideas that have transformed from one’s mind to the shape and design of a beach sandal that’s never been seen or used before.

What is Private Label?


Products which are generally manufactured or provided by one company under another company's brand are known as Private Label. Commonly referred to as OEM products (Other Equipment Manufacturer) these items can add major margin to your store and if done right, give your store a credibility and trust with shoppers. 


Here are some benefits of Private Label; increased margins, reduced competition, brand building and customer loyalty.


As a manufacturer, we can help you design your own brand for your product line, in store retail sales, internet sales, an added item to your existing product line or even for you to decorate with yarns, crystals, rhinestones or painted.


Please note; that there are larger minimums required, your own designs or you can hire us to help you develop your concept and ideas, the manufacturing process is longer because it entails actual custom made proofs and either tweaking or changing some components within the process.  How your sandals will be packaged will follow and then you’re on your own to sell your product!


Call or E-mail us to let us know how we can work with you and your institution or just develop that one of a kind sandal that will make you a branding star.


We can also custom manufacture any style or other material / color options not seen on the site for an added charge.

( Order minimum reflects the style )

Here is our size chart for most of our styles:


LS Ladies Small | Size 5-6

LM Ladies Medium | Size 6.5-7.5

LL Ladies Large Size | 8-9

UNISX Unisex | Ladies Size 9.5-10.5 / Men's Size 8.5-9.5

ML Men’s Large | Size 10-11.5

MXL Men’s X-Large | Size 12-13

MXXL Men’s 2X Large | Size 13-14


See our color chart below for our most popular colors:

Sole Colors:
Strap Colors:
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